Horsemeat Balls… Nope! it’s Chinese Chicken style Balls

I Cant help but Think about all that is going on in the UK,  about all this Scandal with the Horse meat appearing in our foods.  I thought I wasn’t going to post about this but I can’t help it!
 We want to know what is in our foods! We want to know what we are buying! So… Instead of posting something about Beef and how to make the perfect Burger I thought I would draw my attention to a recipe I have been trying to master for some time now… and I have 🙂 It isn’t The most healthiest of recipes but one that, without fail, my partner has wanted me to master for a while now.

  It is Chinese style Chicken Balls.

  A western recipe we have adapted and My Hong Kong friend would think what the heck is this?!  But it may replace the horrible Chicken Nuggets that some people feed to their Children.  I.E we know exactly what goes into this and it’s easy and very tasty. 
 Now I have to say I apologise for the poor photo as when I achieved this dish I forgot to take a nice picture and just, well ate it! As I was very proud.  You may say the recipe is easy but it takes time as you have to get the batter right, the chicken cooked right and the flavour. There are many versions of this batter but I have found eventually this recipe works as I have tried ALOT! 

The Battter

Depending on how much chicken you have, I had just one chicken breast, so I used no more than 100g of plain flour
level teaspoon of baking powder
water ( to make the batter to any other batter i.e yorkshire puds etc)
and some sesame oil…only a small drop
and something I didnt do but I think would work great would be to add either a bit of chinese five spice or even Szechuan pepper to it to add a little spice.
Let this Batter sit in the fridge for 30 minutes. This is the key…like when you are making Yorkshire puddings, you have to let it sit in the fridge.

Then with the chicken you must coat it in seasoning and cornflour and add to the batter each at a time to enter the hot oil. I used groundnut oil or sunflower will work.   Finish in the oven in 10-15 mins on 180 degrees and it will be lovely! 🙂

Serve with a sweet and sour sauce (hot) and maybe even chinese curry sauce too! Egg Fried Rice? Noodles? A chinese salad? So versatile, you decide.


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