British Tomato week 20th May-26th May 2013

To Kick start British Tomato week this week May 20th-26th 2013

 ( Even though it is Thursday!), 
 I have decided that I just had to show you how MY Little ones are getting along! 

I am Very proud of them, as, when We moved to a new house last year, I had to leave my Greenhouse thus being so old.   It would have just crumbled away.  However,  I have to say, My porch in this house is doing a remarkable job so far!  Some are almost ready to go into Growbags as you can see.  The Problem is our lovely Spring weather at the moment! Its hailing here currently.  Snowing in some parts of the UK I hear today!

Now even though I am writing this piece towards the end of the British Tomato week, it is in fact the very beginning of the great British tomato.  The vast abundance of harvesting tends to come throughout the summer months.  Mine I am guessing around August? But I maybe wrong there.  We shall see?! 🙂
Lets just enjoy this beautiful Fruit… (or Vegetable as some would argue over) and enjoy from now on, up until October.  I cannot wait to use mine for recipes (excited)! 
I must add aswell, my laptop is doing CRAZY things today…so I am sorry If it is a bit mish mashed in areas?! 


4 thoughts on “British Tomato week 20th May-26th May 2013

  1. Hi Janine! Thanks so much for visiting my blog. Bless these little tomatoes plants are precious, can't wait to see photos of the first harvest. Best regards x


  2. Oh Isn't it just?! I've been growing Veggies and fruit for some years now…But its lovley when you get that waft from the toms! Can't wait till there are ready!


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