Its been a month now since all my little seeds have been sown.  I have sown a little bit more in-between.  I think Ive possibly sown some more tomatoes, herbs, Chillies and Aubergines.
So I best show you how the Porch is looking now! 

I am pretty pleased with the outcome so far.  Some haven’t come up yet as you can see but theres still time. It is still up and down with the weather and a few days ago, there was frost overnight.  This weekend is going to pick up, so hopefully we will see some more Life then?  Ha! I sound like a weather girl! 

Anyway, before I end this post…Good news was that I also had my first picking of some salad I am growing. They were only baby leaves but so so sweet with a hint of pepper so just really lifted my salad that day.


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