Going, (Growing) strong so far…

I am just so thrilled with how our Kitchen Garden is coming along.  We haven’t even started on the main plot yet either!  I am trying so many new vegetables this year, I can’t stop! I fear at this rate, I may need a new Freezer as I am going to have to freeze so much down for over winter! 
  The added bonus this year aswell is that luckily for my Partner and I, at Christmas just gone, we received a lovely gift from my Parents which was a beautiful all singing and dancing “Kilner”  preserving kit. We were very lucky to receive such a gift so I will be going preserving mad over this year. I can’t wait.  I am literally thinking of all the fun I am going to have with green ketchups, Chutneys, sauces… It will be homemade gifts all year round galore… Be prepared friends and family! 
  Anyway, back to my seedlings… Here is what is happening.  As you can see also now, is that outside, things are starting to grow.  
  The plan is that my Partner needs to dig the main plot out, cover and for the first time, hopefully, we will be trying a raised plot. So in the meantime, whatever I can set seeds in, I will. I am using any container, bag, or pot nameable! Even mushroom containers and plastic trays which tomatoes come in.  Oh and please excuse the weeds just yet, Im going to be using the dandelions,(All will be revealed soon)… then my partner can take them away as I still can’t with my bad back.

I must point out also that there are also Aubergines and chillies growing…but in the bathroom, yes! As it is much warmer in there.  
  Next to sow are the lovely selection of beetroot that I have, I am dying to create recipes with those! So many different colours, stripes and shapes.  Garlic is being planted today or tomorrow.  I also have some red spring onions to sow and some lovely Alpine strawberries which come red and cream so I will try those in hanging baskets.  Watch out for those in my dessert recipes and Ice cream. 


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