Launching Chez J9

To whom who reads this…

Firstly I want to introduce myself. My Name Is Janine and I currently work as a chef but ultimately want to get into food writing and other work, have lots of ideas! But that will come later ;-) So I want to begin another journey to see where my food career may turn in life.

Currently, I have a bad back/spinal injury from work so you have to bare with me in the fact that my writing will be a little slow to start off with. But as I have the time off at the minute I can still write but just not go anywhere to review. But I believe that I have so many things I want to share with whomever is reading about me. My mind is going crazy with so many ideas and views I have. So to sum up…over these next few weeks/months It will be just me being at home with what I can excite you with and the planning of my kitchen garden etc. Watch this space…


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