My Quaint Kitchen Garden (will be)

So here is where Iam going to transform my new Kitchen Garden in Leicestershire.  Not much space I hear you say? well yes, thats true, but under that white blanket, in months to come, all will be revealed… I have to say mixed thoughts at the moment in the fact that I think it looks beautiful with the snow but I cant help but wonder when I can truely get out there and get my fingers all green again?!  I do love our seasons in the Uk. I  feel a sense of proudness and a little smile when I see a glimmer of change to the next season to come.
  My culinary thoughts for today as I look outside to the snow, so many Ideas rush through my head.  For instance I think when its cold as it is today we automatically think…comfort food 🙂 Lovely breads baking, cakes, slices, buns even tarts and pizza breads. Hearty soups, stews and even I think risotto’s and fricasse’s.  The world (kitchen) is my oyster! 🙂


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