After a little break …

So, I’ve had a little break from writing due to health problems, blah blah, blah blah… nothing to bore you guys with 🙂 But in between I did cook and bake so so much, when I could.  Just I haven’t been able to write to you! 😦 so so sorry. I know , none excusable!
   But,… ( another but?!) Do I have some great things that I can write up NOW!  We have so much to catch up on!  I did alot before Easter. But also Easter food was just AMAZING! So If you don’t mind, First I will Start with Easter food first and then maybe go back a little…we shall see hey?! Here goes…

So it all started on the thursday before Good Friday Maundy Thursday:

Now with being Maundy Thursday I thought, Hmm Maybe we should have a big Feast like the last supper but then I thought, hang on…We have Good Friday, Sat, Sun, Mon to come etc… Oh dear we can’t do that! So we settled for something less extravagant to start the weekend of the feast My Chicken Risotto. But My was it nice! 🙂

So it started with a pretty much straight forward recipe for risotto…  However, a couple things I did differently, which I always make the mistake of was making sure I kept that Chicken stock on the hob warming or even hot whilst adding as I know Im a Buggar for that! ( ooh am I allowed to say that?! :-S) .
 Secondly I added alot of butter at the end to make it so so moist as I normally forget to! 
  And then Thirdly, I added oregano Into my recipe which I took as a whim but went luurvly!! 
  If any of you want the full recipe…please contact me and i will be most happy to give it to you 🙂 

This is just the first of the Easter feast, lots more to come people! …keep reading! 


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