Pulling out all the stops for Good Friday… And an Anniversary

When this year’s Good Friday came.  I did not want to just do the same old thing I normally do or have some sort of fish with a “New type of Crust?!” etc etc…So I thought well why not us have a Three course meal and pull out the stops.
  We decided to take a trip to the local Market and see what the fishmonger had to offer.  And there they were… right before my eyes were huge hand dived King scallops. My eyes started to dilate and My partner could already see I was in Heaven.  Now they were a little more expensive but very much worth it.  I picked up some fresh cockles and mussels (which I wasn’t sure at that point what I was going to do with them! )  Seabass for the main.  I also Managed to pick up a generous bag of fish bones, trimmings and heads for my stock.
   I must stress at this stage that the recipes in this post are quite complex, alot of components to these dishes. So please, please, at any point  email me with any questions you have?
Seared King Scallops with a Celeriac and Truffle Puree, Crispy smoked bacon (confetti) and  Apple Caramel:-

Homemade Fish stock: (Takes a good 4 hours or so)
Fish Heads, trimmings, tails (white fish)
Onions ( leave skin on)
Tomato Puree
White wine…..Once the stock is drained…reduce down to 
thicken and intensify.
King Scallops
Celeriac approx 200g
Black summer truffles (from a jar, couldn’t get fresh)
Double cream
Good Coarse Sea salt
1 slice of Bacon
Apple juice (I used Copella)
Pea shoots

Reduce down the apple juice until it starts to bubble into a caramel. Then do the Celeriac Puree…
Celeriac Puree:
Boil some Celeriac until soft. The minute it is ready, drain of the water and blitz away. Add a touch of white wine and dash of double cream. Chop the truffles finely and add to Blitz again.
 Now You can put a little sea salt onto the Scallops and start to sear in a hot pan in some butter. Once they are nearly done add the finely chopped Bacon to the pan and then start to plate up adding a finely shaved slice of truffle next to each scallop. Originally with this dish I wanted Micro garlic chives instead of pea shoots but out of stock and add Celeriac crisps on top but I didn’t have my deep fat fryer to use 😦 But that Is in my Original recipe. So I will do it next time. 

Seared fillet of Seabass, Saffron Mash, spinach, cockle and mussel bisque and 
shellfish foam:


Potatoes ( maris piper)
Double cream
Homemade Fish stock as above
Dill to Garnish

Boil the potatoes for the mash. Meanwhile have No more than 500ml of milk infused with a bashed clove of garlic, Saffron and seasoning. When you are ready to mash, strain this mixture and add until the mash is fluffy and add a dash of double cream and a very small spritz of lemon. Whilst this is going on, you have to think like a chef and do the other components too. So sear your Seabass, Take some of your fishstock and add a dash of brandy and touch of cream to make your bisque. when your Seabass is done, add the cockles and mussels to the same pan just to warms really. Sautee your spinach in butter and finally you take a little of your bisque sauce and add a touch of milk and fowm up with a hand blender, but only add right at the end when plating up! Hope you enjoy these recipes. Look forward to your comments 🙂
© ChezJ9 2013


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