Easter Sunday Lamb

At this time of the year, there is nothing better than a bit of Spring Lamb.  As you can see, in this Recipe was the leg. ( I got a good deal from a local butcher 🙂 )

 Im my mind, It just has to be Uk lamb.  The More local the better in my eyes!  No offense to My Foreign Readers if I may have any in New Zealand!

  Now this marinade will Blow your Socks off if you marinade it for a good time…overnight even, if you can? Like all Marinades, the longer the better. Make sure you rest that lamb onto lots of lamb bones, Carrots, onions and celery to make a lovely stock for gravy. You can even  every so often splash some wine in the bottom, white, red or even a bit of both! 🙂 if you want less alcohol, use water.

Marinade Recipe:

I firstly put knife holes into the lamb to allow me to put in garlic and rosemary. And also to allow the marinade to really get in there and do its work!
                                                           4-5 cloves of Garlic in the holes 
                                                           along with a good sprig of fresh rosemary.
                                                           1 tbsp of Soy sauce ( preferably dark)
                                                           1 tbsp of Worcester Sauce,
                                                            A good handfull of fresh Mint.
                                                            1 tsp of jarred mint sauce as gives acidity, some people 
                                                            use red wine vinegar etc…
                                                        1 tbsp of honey,
2 tbsp’s of tomato puree,
3 Anchovies finely chopped ( yes fish! ) or a couple more again depending on the size of your meat and this is to add a lovely saltiness to the lamb and succulency.
Black cracked Pepper to season…No salt as you have the Soy and the Anchovies remember!

Turn your oven up to 220c gas mark 7 and blast it for about 20 mins or 30 if you have a whole leg of lamb. Then turn back down to 180c gas mark 4 for a further 45-60 minutes and If I remember rightly I think it is roughly 20 mins per 450-500g and cook for a further 20 minutes ish again depending on size and also how pink you like your lamb.
 Now I have a quick confession…My personal taste, I love pink lamb, but I had too much wine cooking this and thus cooked for longer, oops! but however it was Moist and very tender from the marinade. Lush!
One thing I will add though with this recipe is that there are so many versions out there of Leg of Lamb recipes that I have just taken bits of each that I think work and adapted it to my taste 🙂
Oh and if you haven’t figured it out…that was the wine we had with 
                                    the dinner.

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