My little Seedlings

So here are some of my little seedlings coming along just lovely! These photo’s were taken  at the very end of April, so as you can see my Tomatoes are ready for planting into bigger pots now to keep sturdy.  Im very proud of them so far this year as last year my Tomatoes  were not a great success so keep your fingers crossed for me?!! 
 I will add some more posts as quite a bit is happening in the little Kitchen Garden here.  Now that the sun has made his presence, things are moving quite fast.  Exciting though.  Cannot wait to start eating my own grown grub! … Nothing better.


2 thoughts on “My little Seedlings

  1. I love love love that moment when the seedlings start emerging and growing. It's so satisfying isn't it? Pete planted some seeds in the last couple of weeks and they're doing well. So uplifting!


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