teapigs Matcha tea Review for Matchamay

teapigs matcha tea review for matchamay 🙂 

My oh My, wasn’t I suprised when I tried this “bad boy in a cup”! Or rather should a say “Good in a cup”?!  I am still grinning and very intrigued about this tea…

 When the lovely teapigs asked me to be involved with doing a review for matcha tea, for matchamay, straight away I was excited.  I feel the reason why? is because of its colour. It has such a vibrant green colour that any Chef, Cook, Foodie or tea lover would be interested on seeing what comes from this Bright green powder coming all the way from Nishio, Japan. 
 Most people as I am aware including myself was wondering what is this going to taste like?! The powder was exciting to look at and when I added the hot water…the darker it got.  Hmm? Just do it woman!?! I thought…plow in there.  I was pleasantly suprised. It was nice, some green teas are too strong for me but this one, had a lovely fragrance to it.  Ultimately my mind started to boggle with recipes I could do with this lovely green powder…
  I do suggest that you try this tea as it has many properties about it such as a 1 g serving of teapigs matcha is equivalent to 15 cups of normal green tea!  And the graph for the antioxidants in matcha tea is just phenomenal.  Matcha has 1573 antioxidants per 1 gram! When I had the tea I noticed I didn’t have the need for a “sit down” in the afternoon.  I am going to continue to take teapigs matcha tea as it is proven to help with stress, energy levels and helps the condition of hair, skin and nails ( which is even better too!) 

 I really recommend that you guys go onto http://www.teapigs.co.uk to find out more about this lovely tea. Show the love on Twitter @teapigs and facebook is http://www.facebook.com/drinkrealtea 

Now if you lovely readers of mine out there want to try some of matcha the lovely teapigs are giving you 15% off if you visit http://www.teapigs.co.uk and use the code BLOGGERS12 ( enter the code at the checkout but the discount does not apply to gifts or cheeky deals as they are already discounted!

 Keep watching on here as I have got alot of ideas for matcha in the future 🙂


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