Simple Stir fry noodles

I thought I would mention today that soon you will see a pattern emerge on this blog as one of my big pleasures in the culinary world is cooking Chinese food.  

 I adore Chinese food and love the culture in China in so many different ways.  I havent yet visited China…yet! I say yet!  So I have to enjoy cooking the food here in the UK and exploring the food and ingredients as much as I possibly can.  In the near future,  I will elaborate on this.

  Here is a little number of mine which is so so easy to cook.   My basic stir fry noodles.  A bit like a plain or basic chow mein some might say.

Not much ingredients eigther…
Light soy
Oyster sauce
sprinkle of caster sugar 
Vegetarian thin noodles,
Spring onion,
                                                            thinly sliced carrot 
                                                            bean sprouts

Just to remember aswell. Depending on how much you are making,  go easy on the sauces as its meant to be a light dish. You can always add…but not take away!

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