Easy Peasy!

My Sharp, Simple, Salad. 

This Is such a very basic salad that I do.  But is so effective with many different dishes. One thing that I always put it with is Mackerel.  Any fish would do though and even something such as Chicken kebabs or lamb koftas it would accompany very well.  Now I always love Fresh Mackerel with this of course.  But I do have to admit, I like tinned mackerel.  Shock horror! I hear you gasp, but I’ am not ashamed to say it.  I love it. I sometimes even add a very small splash of Malt vinegar onto the Mackerel as I love mine a bit sharper even still.

All that this is, is pretty much what you see above.

Thinly sliced white Cabbage, you could also add red cabbage to this, but I didn’t have any.
Red onion
season with salt and pepper
Extra Virgin Olive Oil (very small splash)
Sherry Vinegar

Thats it!

You could always add Black Olives to this or maybe capers but do not add salt to it. Even chunky White bread Croutons.  This would be nice if you were entertaining.


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